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Giving you a break from the city

An artsy Staycation

Looking for a break in the city?

What about a


at the Studio?!

I would be soo happy to welcome YOU for a short color retreat on weekends at my studio!! Depending on your schedule and work, you can organize a painting afternoon with your friends or just book some classes for you individually.

We love colors!

My sessions are individually customized to give you quality time. During this Artsy Escape you will have fun while learning about abstract art and painting techniques.

Book yourself a Colorful STAYCATION or get your crowd together: min 3 pax - max 6 pax

Our artsy space

You are only free at night? No problem! Do email me at in case you are interested and we can organize something just for you and your friends.

Also, I will be offering several short workshops around the year. Please subscribe to keep in touch!


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