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Established in 2007 Cabaleiro Atelier & Art School is an inspiring studio where I paint and teach abstract acrylic painting.


You will join us in an international environment with ample room for growth and self-discovery. You are encouraged to find and develop your own individual style whilst learning foundations and techniques.


So that you become a confident painter.


Focusing on your instinctive approach to art, your creative experience can range from being therapeutic, enlivening and empowering. Go on a journey within yourself.


The studio is a stimulating place of exchange and communication where everyone can openly discuss ideas, influences or inspirations.


You will be welcomed in an encouraging environment that supports each individual and the result is a multitude of styles and techniques where students are free to express themselves.


There is no starting day - you can join any time here in Singapore! 


Get in touch with me as I also offer workshops on weekends as well as seminars in Europe.



" Dear Patricia, Meeting you has been the highlight of my time in Singpaore. You are so talented and so willing to share your talents and your joyous spirit with all. That is a rare gift..."

Diann, USA


" Liebe Patricia, die paar Tage bei deinem Kurs waren inspirierend und sehr lehrreich. Deine Begeisterung für die menschliche Psyche in der Malerei und Zu-Sich-Selbst-Finden war sehr ansteckend und herzerwärmend. Du hast für ein super kreative Atmosphäre gesorgt und durch deine Persönlichkeit und Wärme die Gruppe zusammengeführt. Es waren vier sehr schöne kreative und lustige Tage."

Shida, Germany


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