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Corporate Workshop

OUT OF THE BOX Art Journey

Corporate Workshop

by Patricia Cabaleiro

"To change the world,

change yourself."

Hermann Hesse


Which color are YOU? Do you know? 

How COLORFUL is your office?

Let's PAINT together! Through CREATING, you get to know about yourself.


This workshop allows YOU to have a different view of yourself and your colleagues in a very different environment, while having FUN!


So, what about challenging yourself with colors? This is what counts when you do your own ART, when you CREATE:

  • It takes time. Enjoy the process!

  • Its not about copying the world. It's not photography. It won't be perfect. Yay!! 

  • The process contains loads of knowledge - take ownership. Be responsible.

  • But still: laugh about your ARTWORK! Better: the colleague's ARTWORKS!

  • Even if  don’t like what you made - it makes sense. The outcome it is always right. Reflect about it even a week/month/year later. Even if you have hidden it!

I have been teaching art for 18 years. Not that would ever compare myself to Socrates, but:


“Socrates saw himself of a ‘midwife to understanding’. He believed that one can HELP people understand, but that one cannot MAKE people understand – just as a midwife delivers the child but does not give birth to it.” (The Tao of Coach, Max Landsberg)


I also see myself as a “midwife to understanding”.

Thank you for coming to my playground of colors!

Patricia Cabaleiro

Mobile: +65 9620 4997 

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